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Ep. 7: "Could We be more lost?!" pt. I

"The Raptor Diaries" ep. 7: "Could We be more lost?!" pt. I

Lasse Rützou Bruntse's diary, Jan. 18th:

"Yo, diary!

After yesterday John Muller and I still haven't found our way back to the render farm.

Well if it were just so well, but after the T-rex situation we were going together in a direction (not necessarily the right one as it turns out), but then John had to pee and I saw the tail of a raptor, I thought, so I ran after it, shouting to John that I'd be right back.

It turned out to be a completely different dinosaur, an oviraptor (I had completely forgotten that we have had those too), so I went back to the place where John would be waiting, but he had left

I knew that he would probably come back to the same place to look for me, so I have stayed here most of the day, but he hasn't been back yet

I wonder if he has gotten lost trying to find the place again? Hmm...

Oh, wait, what's that?! I think I just saw a raptor tail over there behind a bush!
I'll just go and check it out; the raptors will be able to take me back to the render farm for sure!
Yays, sounds like them, too, at least a couple of them! Hooray!

Lasse out- in a hurry"

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