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Ep 8: "But I thought..."

"The Raptor Diaries" Ep 8: "But I thought..."

Lasse Rützou Bruntse's diary Jan. 19th:

Hello hello hello, diary!

I have found the render farm! Woohoo!
It would be better if John Muller had found it aswell, though, but I have been though just about the whole place today and he's nowhere to be found. I know we have been lost some days in the jungle and all, but I guess I always expected John to have a good sense of direction, so when I finally found the place this afternoon, I was all happy because I expected him to be here and everything to be back to normal. Us and the raptors together again.

But there weren't any of the little critters here either Not even Elijah Wood.
It gets worse, though; I have no idea how or why, but the T-rex is out again!

I have been looking around for people today, and the last place I went was a secluded surveillance tower, which was unfortunate 'cause this was where the T-rex found me, and I haven't been able to communicate with it this time- I think it might be hungry. So so far I have been trying not to move and just wait until it goes away, 'cause I can't really escape and if the dino sees me, it can easily break through the glass of the windows and eat me.


I really hope something can distract it soon (writing while trying not to move, is very awkward, too), otherwise I'm a goner for sure!

Lasse out- maybe for the last time!"

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