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Ep 4 "T-Rexes on a Plane!"

"The Raptor Diaries" Ep 4 "T-Rexes on a Plane!"

Lasse Rützou Bruntse's diary Jan. 13th:

"Hi diary

T-Rex was not a good call on my part, John says.
I let it out yesterday evening and the idea behind it was still pretty good, I'll maintain (whatever John says). I guess it's just that I haven't really payed too much attention to the T-rex before, 'cause I like small and cuddly animals like raptors better. When it got out from the pen it was really really angry and I couldn't get it to calm down at all- not even with flares and dancing- so I had to run away.
This is when I found John, who was going out of the kitchen to meet Frodo, which I found very weird, but apparently Frodo (Elijah Wood) is also a scientist when not acting. John says that he is coming to help us, and I think that's a good idea now the T-rex is out, 'cause it's all over the place.

After meeting up, we went out to find the helicopter that Elijah Wood would come in, John being really quiet all the time- I don't know if he was trying to act cool soldier or something. I don't get why he was trying to be so quiet, anyway, the raptors (probably) won't attack him when he's with me.

Well, we're waiting by the forest to see if Elijah Wood comes by soon.

Lasse out."

John Muller's diary Jan. 14th:

" I finally found Lasse the yesterday when I was going out to meet Elijah Wood who would come by helicopter later.
The thing he told me he had done left me dumbfounded for a bit, I must admit; he had let the T-rex out of it's pen. I would have written an exclamition mark, but i don't get outraged by these things as much as I would have before, a fact that scares me a bit.

In Lasse's logic a bigger dinosaur would make things better by scaring the small ones.
Well, that didn't happen; now things are even worse and I have an ominous feeling that we'll probably come across both raptors and T-rex, ganged up on us, at some point soon, knowing our luck and Lasse's ideas...

We went to the landing spot, but no helicopter came. A plane did, however, but because of the horrible weather, we just saw it crash down in the jungle.
We went to the plane, only to find that the people in it, Elijah wood included, were stranded in the front half of it 12 metres above grund, the other half was gone.
we somehow managed to climb up there (looking back, I really can't see why in the world we would climb up in stead of trying to get the people DOWN, but I can only guess at Lasse-logics.)
We are now all stuck here, as the T-rex had apparently also heard the crashing plane, and soon appeared and started trying to eat us. I think Lasse is beginning to get the seriousness of our predicament.
We have hidden in the front part of the plane and will try to go down tomorrow, when we can see better if the dinosaur is still there.

So far Elijah Wood is extremely annoying and snobbish. Well, at least I tried to get some qualified help."

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