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Ep. 9: ”Sh*t goes Down!” pt. II

”The Raptor Diaries” ep. 9: ”Sh*t goes Down!”

Lasse Rützou Bruntse’s diary, Jan. 20th:

“Hey there, Diary…

Today has been both at really good and a really sad day at the same time.

I had been standing still for almost 12 hrs and it was beginning to hurt my legs a bit. The T-rex was still there, looking really hungry and angry, and I didn’t really know what to do.

But then I suddenly heard a lot of gunshots and John Muller screaming angrily, and the T-rex fell down! Yay, I could move again!

I quickly crawled down from the tower and there was John, without his shirt for some weird reason, huffing and puffing and looking very angry, and the T-rex was lying on the ground and saying sad noises. It looked like it was really sorry for what it had done. But then John gave me his rifle and told me that I should be the one to put the T-rex to sleep because that would be the right thing.

I am actually also a pretty good shot, so I knew that I had to do it even though I really didn’t want to, ‘cause it was so sweet and sad, lying there. I looked into its big, mild eyes and pulled the trigger. I don’t think I have ever done something so hard before.

I wanted to bury it afterwards, but John said it was too big.

I won’t let John shoot the raptors, definitely not, so I have to be quick if we see them.
But I guess we’re fine now, so that’s good. And John managed to find some ENORMOUS stakes somewhere that we could eat for dinner and that was nice

Lasse out.”

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