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Ep. 5 "Lost in the Jungle!" pt. II

"The Raptor Diaries" ep 5 "Lost in the Jungle!" pt. II:

John Muller's diary, Jan. 15th:

"This morning we got down from the plane, and I managed to find an elephant rifle and a hat in it before we climbed down, so Lasse and I should be a little more safe. 

Elijah Wood was the only other survivor on the plane, but somehow the idiot disappeard on us minutes after getting down, and I frankly don't miss him; having met him, I think him coming to help us i a joke.

Lasse seems to have fessed up since the whole thing with the T-rex, and he seems keen enough on killing it if it comes in our way, though I still don't know what he'll do if we come across raptors- he still doen't seem to have understood that they are vicious and hungry animals that will eat him.

We are trying to find our way back to the render farm through the jungle, but I fear we might be lost."

Lasse Rützou Bruntse's diary, Jan. 15th:

"Hello there, Diary

John and I are on a survival trip in the jungle now, and that's really cool! We lost Elijah Wood, and John says that's a good thing. I must admit I don't really miss him either, 'cause he was supposed to want to know about raptors, but he didn't listen to a word of what I told him about our little ones. He didn't even want to know their names, and then how is he supposed to contact them? They can be dangereous when you don't know them.

Well, John has an elephant rifle now, and if the T-rex comes back we'll shoot, 'cause it's really dangerous and has eaten a lot of people. Looking back, I regret letting it out, but I guess it won't really be a problem killing it anyway, so no harm done in the long run.
When we get back to the renderfarm, I'm going to try calling all the raptors so we can get them back in their cages and everything will be back to normal.
So far John says we might have to walk a lot still, though, so that's what we'll do. Yeah.

Lasse out"
 – sammen med Lasse Rützou Bruntse ogJohn Muller.

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