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Ep 6 "Taming the Beast!"

"The Raptor Diaries" ep 6. "Taming the Beast!"

John Muller's diary, Jan. 17th:

" We have been lost in the jungle for days now without seeing neither Elijah Wood nor the render farm. Fortunately we haven't run into anything more dangerous than maybe 5 or 6 species of smaller herbivore dinosaurs, that Lasse admits to have let out a long time ago because they weren't really dangerous and "not really fun either." I can only imagine what this has done to the local ecosystem, though I guess T-rexes and velociraptors are worse. And I'll admit the small ones are pretty cute.

Today we found out that we had been going in circles, as we passed an overturned car that we had passed already near the crash site of the plane. As we were standing there and discussing how to get back to the renderfarm, taking the new positioning possibilities into account, now that we at least knew we were near the plane, we suddenly heard lage booming noises and felt the earth tremble; the T-rex had found us again! And t was running towards us.
I fired wildly at it with the rifle, but its skin was too thick, and we quickly hid under the car, as there was nowhere else to go. The dinosaur started trying to overturn the car and we rolled frantically around to stay under it, but in the end it got the car pushed away with its snout, Lasse and I completely helpless.

But as the animal was about to eat us, the most amazing and inexplicable thing happened; Lasse somehow connected with it. He looked it directly in the eye and sat up, touching its snout in a very caring way, saying what can best be described as soothing T-rex sounds.
I crawled over behind a tree, both the animal and Lasse totally ignoring me, and I followed from a distance, as he walked along side the monster and let it back into its pen. - I can't believe I'm writing this, but I actually saw it. I still have no idea how he did it, but I'm definitely glad that we didn't get eaten!

When asking him, he doen't really seem to know either.

I guess we only have to worry about the raptors now... "

Lasse Rützou Bruntse's diary, same day:

"Hello, Diary!

Today we were attacked by the T-rex and we had to hide under an overturned car. The T-rex was really trying to get to eat us, so it pushed the car away, suddenly, and John and I were goners, I thougt.

I never really connected with the T-rex, not like the raptors, but when I looked into its eyes, I saw that it wasn't anything other than a big raptor, really. I really didn't want us to get eaten, and John was really scared, so I looked it in the eyes, and told it "NO!" in Raptor- I just tried making it sound louder, thinking that'd help.

- And it did! The T-rex wasn't really hungry, it was just scared because it was out of its pen. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this a long time ago, it's so logical.
Anyway, I let it back into the pen, and all was good again.

Now we just have to find the render farm- and Elijah Wood before he does something stupid towards the raptors.

Good times!
Lasse over and out"
 – sammen med Lasse Rützou Bruntse.

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