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Ep 3. "Bring in the experts!"

"The Raptor Diaries" Ep 3. "Bring in the experts!"

John Muller's diary Jan. 12th:

" Jan. 12th

You would think that things are getting better since you couldn't really imagine anything worse than rogue dinosaurs in a secluded renderfarm and you being in the middle of it. You would, however, be wrong; I have still not seen Lasse Rützou Bruntse, but I have been going through the halls of the place, looking for both survivors and means of contacting the outer world, and putting it mildly; there are no survivors, and not really any unmangled bodies either- apart from me so far, and maybe Lasse.

I got past some raptors in the kitchens yesterday and managed to get into the radio room and contact the outside world.
Nobody seemed to believe the severity of our situation, though, apart from Elijah Wood of all people. I managed to contact pentagon, but they redirected me to him- apparently he just wrote a book on raptor psychology...
He has a lot of money, so he's coming here by helicopter as soon as possible.

At this point I really don't think anything can mend the mess (that Lasse has created), but any expert will help.

Hope he finds me in the kitchens before the raptors do!
And where the f*ck is Lasse anyway?"

Below: Elijah Wood showing his popular Raptor Psyche theory at Harvard university. (Output is known by non-scholars as "blob")

To be continued...

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