tirsdag den 26. november 2013

Ep.10: ”Come Fly with Me” pt II

Jan. 22nd:

John’s diary:

“Jan 22nd

Tomorrow we’re going to try and go for the helicopter that I found the other day, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to run into trouble on the way, knowing our luck, and also because I saw some of the raptors skulking around the halls on my way back. I have a plan for if this happens, though;

On my scouting trip I found out that we have a room full of explosives (only the lord knows why we would have that here on a render farm, but so many things are absolutely wacky that I’m not really surprised), and I have an ominous feeling that a big explosion is the only way out of this one. If all fails, I’ll lead the dinosaurs there and blow up everything.

I have contemplated throwing them Elijah if need be, but I don’t have it in me when it comes down to it, I think.

We might make it, though. Let’s hope so”

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