mandag den 11. november 2013

Ep 3. "Bring in the experts!" pt. II

"The Raptor Diaries" Ep 3. "Bring in the experts!" (continued)

Lasse Rützou Bruntse's diary Jan. 12th:

"Hello hello diary!

Ok, things are maybe not going too well.
I'm not sure I like the raptors quite as much as I did when they were in their cages, because they seem so angry now, and they have been really mean. They still come when I call them, but they bite quite a lot, and they have been more than a little unreasonable towards the other staff here, eating them even sometimes.

They respect the bigger dinosaurs, though, so I think that I might have an idea for tonight... I think they're like dogs, so they just need a bigger alpha male to put them in their place, and since they're bigger than me now, I'm kinda considering letting out the T-rex. It might go wrong, but I actually rather think it'll work out fine!

Great, I actually made myself feel a lot better by getting this idea just now! yay!

I've seen John Muller running around a couple of times, but he looks pretty upset, so I've let him have some alone-time to... I don't know, think it over or something.

... I wonder how the T-rex reacts to dancing? Will find out, whoop!

Over and out from Lasse"

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