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Ep. 5 "Lost in the Jungle!" pt I

"The Raptor Diaries" ep 5: "Lost in the Jungle!"

Elijah Wood's diary, Jan. 15th:

" After deciding to go on field research on a desolated renderfarm to study actual, living raptors for my sequel to "Raptors; Their Psychology And What They Generally Think About" (NY Times bestseller), things have gone decidedly wrong.

The people who were meeting me (John Muller andLasse Rützou Bruntse) came to our "rescue" when the plane had crashed, but in stead of helping us down from the tree we were stuck in, they climbed up and started explaining all kinds of things about the situation and raptors in general, which was absolutely unnecessary, as I knew all of it already.
-well, maybe not the part about how things were going there, but that was all rather unimportant to me anyway, as I was planning to leave immediately after doing my research.

Because they were talking so much all the time, a T-rex came and ate most of the crew, and they had to stay for the night in the plane because we couldn't see whether the dinosaur was there or not. Still no raptors in sight for me to study.

Today we managed to get down from the tree and when the other 2 started walking, I quickly went in a different direction to do my work on my own- and because they are really annoying and avarage. I have found some other dinosaurs that I have tried talking to, but they haven't been predators, so my theories don't fit well enough for me to understand them.

I am now maybe lost"

To be continued...

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