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Ep.10: ”Come Fly with Me” (season finale)

Ep.10: ”Come Fly with Me” (season finale)

Lasse’s diary Jan. 23rd:

“Hi there and hello, diary!

We have been stuck a long time in the render farm, but we haven’t been short of food with all the meat John finds all the time, which is really cool.

Elijah Wood joined us the other day, and at first John was really angry with him and even hit him in the face, when he first approached us while we were eating dinner. I have to admit that just seeing this almost made me feel as good as it would have hitting him myself, ‘cause he has just been so annoying and snobbish all the time here! I don’t know why John was so upset, though, but they somehow get along now, so no worries. And there’s meat enough for everyone.

John went out scouting for the government’s Raptor Extermination Squad or other things we might find useful and only returned last night. He didn’t see the RES, but reported having found a helicopter that we can fly away in!

I knew getting that helicopter pilot training would be useful some day! Yay

We decided to wait until today before leaving, so this morning we went on our way to the helicopter, through the whole render farm and though some of the jungle in which the small helipad was hidden.

On the way there we ran into the raptors.

I was very thrilled to see them again and they have grown quite a lot as it turns out, the critters! They didn’t seem to remember me or our way of communicating, though, and they approached us in a kind of hungry manner, that I was not all happy about. John wasn’t either, but I think that we both expected Elijah Wood to approach them, now he has been complaining all the time that he hasn’t seen a raptor yet, but he just turned and ran away!

I really tried talking to the raptors, but they wouldn’t listen at all.

We were standing in the big hall, and John seemed to get a good idea then. He told me not to worry about him and to go and fly Elijah Wood and myself home safely and that he’d return later. Then he ran away with the raptors after him. I trust John and his survival skills, so I went to the helipad and flew home with Elijah, who didn’t seem happy at all.

There was quite a lot of media when we landed after I had announced it to the airport over the helicopter radio.

After getting home safely, I still worry about John, though… He’s probably fine and I’ll see him soon

Lasse out.”

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