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Ep. 9: ”Sh*t goes Down!”

”The Raptor Diaries” ep. 9: ”Sh*t goes Down!”

John Muller’s diary Jan. 20th:

“Jan. 20th
I finally managed to give the raptor extermination squad the slip yesterday, and once I got away it was piece of cake to find the render farm, as you would only expect, I guess.
I looked through the whole place, but only found Elijah Wood wandering grumpily around; no sign of Lasse Rützou Bruntse. Elijah told me that he had been at the place about a day and that he hadn’t seen any raptors, which, in his weird mind, was a bad thing because he really wanted to “study” them. I personally think it’s a miracle he’s still alive, really.
He also told me that he had noticed the T-rex outside the facility when he first got there, but it seemed to be occupied by my “talkative friend” in a watch tower, just waiting for him to move so it could see him and grab him. According to the idiot, the T-rexes as a race are extremely patient animals, and probably it would still be there if it hadn’t already eaten Lasse because he had to move!
Needless to say I rushed out to help Lasse immediately upon hearing this, though knowing that my rifle might not be strong enough to get kill the animal.
Sure enough the T-rex was there and I could just glimpse Lasse standing very still by a window, while I was sneaking over there.
I would like to say that I was cold as a cucumber and planned out my actions, but I got so angry at this point that I just started shooting wildly, aiming at the monster’s feet. I think that it was because I shot several times at the same place (somehow), but the animal actually fell over with a giant crash! I guess I must have gone through the skin after all.
When I calmed down and ran to the foot of the tower, I met Lasse who was ecstatic that I had finally saved him. At this point he ran over to the T-rex that was still moving on the ground.
I gave him my rifle and told him to finish it, so he would feel that it was an ok thing to do.
We’re in the render farm now, resting. I wonder what the extermination squad is doing. Something stupid, probably.”

– sammen med John Muller.

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